Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Again nothing worth showing of my work today, I'm winding down for the holidays. Instead here's a detail of what I bought myself for an early Christmas present...It's a page of original art by one of my favourite artists, the late Jorge Zaffino.


Azaceta said...

Hey! I love Zaffino. I have an original too. Where is that from? I don't recognize it...?


Sean Phillips said...

It's from Punisher Kingdom Come.
I don't like the character but he draws nice jungle on this page!

Jan Ramirez said...

Hey Sean, Happy Holidays! I was wondering with the relaunch of Criminal Vol.2 will u be doing another trailer for the new volume? I loved the first trailer and it would be great to get a sneak peak of what is coming up in "One of Comics" best books.

Craig Zablo said...

I'm a huge Zaffino fan myself. He left us way too early.

Have a great holiday!

DougDabbs said...

Man, I love this stuff. He was one of the few artists who was able to master giving the impression of something instead of actually rendering it. Awesome to look at, thanks for posting this!

Joe Karg said...

Beautiful image Sean. It is such a shame we lost him so early.


Rodrigo Lara said...

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Will Shyne said...

I think 'Kingdom Gone' was clever title of it. Great thing to have, a Zaffino page. I remember getting Winter World in a cheap ol' pack on a recommendation and being blown away by it. The editorial was going on about his influences and while you could tell we he was coming from (Williamson, Toth, EC in general) he was really unique. There's a Savage Sword of Conan story he did which is fantastic. Not exactly a massive body of US work to dig out though : (

-wellverine- said...

Hello Sean!

This is Wellington, from Brazil... i'm penciler, colorist, i always visit your blog, well... congratulations for your art!!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Wellington Marçal -

Mimi Cortazar said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)