Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Out today in the US and Canada. Titan will be publishing a UK edition next month, and there will be French, German, Italian and Spanish editions available soon.


Will Shyne said...

Excellent. Feel like a criminal for saying so but I am waiting on the books but I can argue my case if need be : (
Hope this makes it to Spain as Coward came out here about three weeks ago!!!!
If you see virtual Dave Lapham hanging around the virtual bullpen, kick him in the arse for more Stray Bullets. I like all sorts of comics but Brubaker and Lapham, not to mention Phillips and Lapham almost make one think that just crime comics would be fine. Keep up the good work!

Guglie said...

The same in Italy Sean...I checked mid november and Coward was not available yet...I'll check now and let you know