Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bad Weekend

Added a few signed and sketched in copies of Bad Weekend to my Big Cartel store...


Comics won’t just break your heart.

Comics will kill you.

Hal Crane should know, he’s been around since practically the beginning. Stuck at an out-of-town convention, waiting to receive a lifetime achievement award, Hal’s weekend takes us on a dark ride through the secret history of a medium that’s always been haunted by crooks, swindlers, and desperate dreamers.

BAD WEEKEND—the story some are already calling the comic of the year from its serialization in CRIMINAL #2 and 3—has been expanded, with several new scenes added and remastered into a hardcover graphic novel, in the same format as BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS’ (KILL OR BE KILLED, FATALE, CRIMINAL) bestselling MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES. This gorgeous package is a must-have, an evergreen graphic novel every true comics fan will want to own.


dvhstudios said...

I read Bad Weekend last night and enjoyed it very much. It looks like you've returned to inking traditionally, is this the case?

Sean Phillips said...

Yes, I've been inking on paper since the Junkies OGN.