Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Chuffed to be asked to do one of the variant covers for the Walking Dead #100. Here's the process of how I got there... The first sketch is the first drawing I've done on a Cintiq. The final cover was painted by hand in acrylics though.


Paul-Anton said...

wow this is very good! I always love your covers, the detail, the colorsm it's just an amaying piece of art.
just stumbled across your cover deisgn reading the last issues of Gothan Central and I immediately noticed your artwork even though it was uncredited there. Awesome work!

Tucker said...

Superb ! Thanks for showing how you got to the drawing & the various stages to the finished cover .

Revenant Media said...

Love the Darth Tater and Marvel Zombies

Unknown said...

Wow, amazing work once again!

A few questions:

1) what are you painting on (paper, illustration board, ...)?

2) how are you keeping the lineart intact while painting on it? Are you doing the pencils and inks on another surface, scanning that and printing a copy then transferring it to an illustration board?



Sean Phillips said...

Painted on illustration board, 15 x 20 inches. Drawn with a Tombo pen, then sealed with a coat of acrylic matt medium before painting.

Unknown said...



Joe Jusko said...

Nice one, Sean!

Dan Cooney said...