Thursday, October 01, 2009

CRIMINAL The Sinners #1

Got my comp copies today, the issue is looking good. Hardly any mistakes we didn't catch! It's not out until next week but I'll be bringing a few copies along to BICS this weekend. I'll also be bringing copies of the first four Criminal trades and some Sleeper books and whatever else I can carry. I'll probably bring some original art along too.
As you may have noticed, I've been posting some Marvel Zombie sketches recently. These are one off paintings that will be used as bookplates in a limited edition Marvel Zombie collection that will only be available at Comic Action later this month. I'll be there as a guest sketching and signing books all weekend as well.
I'll be doing sketches in this style this weekend in Birmingham if anyone's interested. They take a while to do so  I think I'll have a list you can sign up to instead of spending ages watching me watch paint dry. I can draw other things apart from zombies, but I'll just be offering painted sketches I think.
I'll be happy to sign anyone's books too of course.


Guglie said...

I waited for this new Criminal issue since i finish to read the 4th TP!

Ah lucky UK fans!

Any plan to come to Italy in 2010?

Sean Phillips said...

Yes, I may be coming to Terni in March...

Kable! said...

I was so close to attending the BICS event this year - but need to save up money to travel for 4 mnths! Really looking forward to reading 'The Sinners' hopefully ill catch you for my copy signing at the Leeds con in November.
keep the good stuff coming :)

Bubba said...

Sean, if you ever come to the other Birmingham -- Birmingham, Alabama, my hometown and a short drive from Atlanta -- or anywhere else in the States, for that matter, DO let us know. :-)