Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Australian Noir


stephen eidson said...

I usually just lurk your blog but I have to chime in with the rest of the chorus on this one. That is an astounding Guy Pierce(from a top notch film). Nicely done.

Man Without Fear said...

woah.....what a bad a$$ looking cover. This is about a film? or is it about a comic book about the be published?

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hi Sean,

I am the Ryan Lindsay listed in the picture.

Holy crap, you've done me proud. This pic is great, insanely great. When my essay was accepted one of the first thoughts that passed my mind was that I would then have you draw a cover pic for it. And this is awesome (I was hoping you'd do The Proposition).

Now I have to ask; what do I have to do to get my hands on this fantastic image? (You can name your price, in essence).

My fiance was very excited when I told her about Ed's email about the essay and she talked about buying copies of the issue (I have not had confirmation as to which one it will be...) and handing them out at our wedding, which is on the 12 of December this year. But I digress...I would love this work of art, can we communicate to make this happen, or do you keep these?

Thank you so much, this is why Sleeper/Criminal/Incognito really live so high on my enjoyment/reread lists.

Cheers mate!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Oh, also, just a little thing, is there anyway I could be listed as Ryan K Lindsay?

Obviously not the biggest request in the world, but if you could I would be really quite appreciative.

The K puts me up there with BKV and PKD!

Cheers, again.

Lee Townsend said...

Great cover Sean, really jumps out at you, cool pose!

Flo said...

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Workhorse said...

awesome man - one a my favorite movies