Friday, January 09, 2009

More INCOGNITO partial inks

Didn't draw anything worth showing yesterday. My wife got a new imac so spent most of the day stroking that shiny thing and setting it up for her. I want one now, my Mac seems very old and archaic now...


BrikHed said...

great sketch - funny we always give our wives the better things.. ah the price of happiness

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey Sean,

If you do go after a 2nd iMac, there's always their refurbished site (the U.S. one is here: )

I've gotten everything from an iPod to my and my wife's laptops off there -- same warranty and it's actually been gone over one more time by them (plus up to 40 and 50% off! Huzzah!) Anyhow, there might be an equivalent for where you live (or maybe the U.S. store will ship internationally).

Aside from that, I always dig the step-by-step page stuff you show -- LOVE seeing the jump from blue-line, to black outline, to post-brushwork. Amazing!