Monday, January 19, 2009

Final inks


Guglie said...

ah. Good panel!

I Iike the choice to make everything in shadow, but the help a lot to focus the eye to the girl.

I was thinking something similar with a shadow projected to the floor, but leaving in white some part of it. Your idea is better because a s I said you create a sort of "frame" capturing my attention on the lady

Anonymous said...

Please Sean, tell me :
After a first ink ( as you call partial ink) done with an pen or a marker pen, you go thru a last inking stage with a brush, no ?
If i' m right, is this last part totally free (improvised) or do you use, one more time, pencils ?

Please forgive my weak English, i'm French...

Brian Churilla said...

Inspiring as always. Love how the bed frames the figure.

Sean Phillips said...

Franck, It's as you say, outlines with a pen and then straight in with a brush to finish off with no extra pencils.

Anonymous said...

As, Laurent Gnoni, who already asked a question to you ( and who also introduces your stuff to me ) i'm a French comic book's artist.
First, i want say to you that, after many years into the buisness, it' s always a big joy to discover some guys who give me pleasure with the drawing and you're one of them.
But i have a last question:
Before Laurent asked me about you, i only knew you as an inker on Jose luis Garcia lopez pencils ( shame on me).
The way you are posing "your blacks" is great, so why didn' t you use the same for the three JLA Classified issues ? (Because of the dead lines ? Because of the Super hero way ?
Because of the publisher ? ... or because you were not the penciler ? )
By the way, for few years ago,i'm in touch with Jose luis and he is as cool as he is great.
Thank you

Sean Phillips said...

That JLA job was really scary for me. I'm a big fan of Jose and I haven't really inked anyone else's pencils before. His pencils were pretty tight and my job was just to ink them, not make them look like mine. After the first fifty pages or so I was starting to get the hang of it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sean,
thank you for the time you spent for us.


Alan said...

I thought your inks on Genius Jose's pencils worked a treat.