Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Zombie inks

Partial inks for a Marvel Zombies spread. It's taken me all day to get this far. It's not the drawing, it's the research. I keep getting distracted by all the Essential Marvel books I'm having to look through to find characters to include in the scene.


Piers said...

It looks amazing i have bought Marvel Zombies and loved it the bad thing was it wasnt long enough i would just love to read it and never stop!
I luv your work i illustrate myself i got my own comic to not in the shops but internet!
Anyway when will Marvel Zombies Dead days and The sequel and The crossover come out in hardback collection !
Write to me at:

Sean Phillips said...

No idea when the collections, if any, will come out. I won't start drawing the sequel for months yet.

Piers said...

Cheers sean thanks for the insight post the art of the sequel when u can so i can see it and um when will the comics come out of the AoD crossover and the prequel and sequel so i can buy and will they only come out in america!