Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Marvel Zombies Dead Days

Final inks...


Anonymous said...

How do you do curves (like Caps shield)) with a brush pen?
Do you use a template, move the paper, do it in one stroke freehand?

I started with the pens myself a few months a go and like them, but curves like that? OUCH!?!

Great work as always,
Gary Esposito

Owen said...

Hi Sean, Love the page. Recently I bought the original art you did to Marvel Zombies #1 page 7 from and was wondering what type of ink you used? It looks 1000 better than printed in the comic. Great work!

Dylan said...

great page Sean!

Sean Phillips said...

I make the ellipses in Photoshop, print them out and then ink them freehand on a lightbox using the 'F' Pitt pen.
Owen, that page was inked with Indian ink, probably Winsor and Newton.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sean.
That's a great idea.
I'll try it.

Great work as always,
Gary Esposito

owen said...

Awesome, thanks Sean!

Piers said...

Amazin sean your arts amazin i admire it so much keep up the good work and how do u do the sharp edges like iron mans helmet?