Thursday, August 03, 2006


Duncan Fegredo and I are producing an art book for Image to come out later this year. For over a year now we have been passing a sketchbook back and forth, each producing a spread inspired by the previous one the other person has produced. We've done drawings and paintings, a little bit of collage and typography, some of it reflecting stuff that happened to us at the time. Here's a spread I started when my wife got a new car last summer. Neither of us have been very happy with this spread since I did it, it was the weakest in the whole book. So today I totally changed the bottom two thirds of it, painting over the collage I'd done underneath. This will be the only thing we're changing though, the rest of it is as we did it at the time.
It's my turn to do a new spread in the book this week, and it will be my penultimate one so I'd better make it good. Duncan's previous spread was excellent so I've got to try to do one better. Wish me luck...

BTW, there's some more spreads from this book from both Duncan and myself in the book section of my website.


Mattias said...

wonderful stuff, the moleskine looks amazing to

Mark said...

I was looking forward to seeing the preview pages for this in EVENT HORIZON #3, but it looks like that 'un's gone the way of the Dodo. Bollox!

Anyhoo, this sounds like a great way to work, and I know youse two'll knock it out of the park.