Friday, August 25, 2006

CRIMINAL signing tour

To celebrate the launch of CRIMINAL, my new comic with Ed Brubaker from Icon in October, I'll be undertaking a short promotional tour of a few of the finer UK comic shops.
I'll be signing and sketching at the following stores...

Saturday 21st October at The Comic Guru, Cardiff

Tuesday 24th October at Nostalgia & Comics, Birmingham

Wednesday 25th October at Page 45, Nottingham

Thursday 26th October at OK Comics, Leeds

Saturday 28th October at Forbidden Planet, London

At each store I'll be giving away a page of original artwork from the first issue of CRIMINAL.
Of course I'll be more than happy to sign copies of my other books including the best selling Marvel Zombies.


Rob said...

The one time being based out of Los Angeles really backfired...

Jack said...

There's no love for Glasgow?


Owen Hargreaves said...

when you say giving away what do you mean? to whom? the 1st through the door?

Also cant wait to the new criminal series comes out. Brubakers stuff is so solid at the mo and i think that this series with your art is going to rock. great to see it on the icon line.

I will be going to the birmingham signing i hope, see ya there.


Sean Phillips said...

The page of art will be raffled at each signing I think. It's up to the individual stores really.
No Glasgow this time. Maybe when the trade comes out.

Nik said...

Must really, really try getting yo Leeds! Afterall, I'll have your ZombieDollar$ badge by then.

珊珊李 said...