Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Haven't managed much drawing yet today. I've been thumbnailing and lettering a couple of sequences from Seven Psychos and trying to put off as long as possible taking some photo ref. I hate shooting the photo ref and wish I'd learnt to draw instead. It's too hot today to cavort infront of a camera pretending to be Hitler.


jamesmith3 said...


I can never remember whether I can comment in a given section over on the Engine, so I figured I'd ask this here:

Have you ever used models, like large-size action figures (real men can't call them dolls) to set up your panels? Do they not work as well as using yourself?

Sean Phillips said...

Never tried it. They would be good for lighting but the scale would be all wrong for the wrinkles and folds in clothing.
I remember in the back of an Astro City trade that Alex Ross does it sometimes.

jamesmith3 said...

So you mean *everything* is photo-referenced? Wow. I didn't think you'd have time to do that on a monthly schedule.