Friday, January 25, 2013


While going through some old original art last night, I found this painting of Slaine I did back in 1991. It was painted as a sample as I was meant to be following Bisley on Slaine in 2000AD. Never happened for some reason, and I went on to paint the first series of Armitage for the Judge Dredd Megazine instead. Not sure if it was ever published.


Bob McGregor said...

This is wonderful !!...I'm a big fan of your work and have been since your first Devlin Waugh in 199 ?? 'Swimming in Blood'...I've managed to collect 5 pieces so far of your Devlin paintings and met you at Leeds Thoughtbubble where you sketched a Devlin Waugh for me...Now framed and in pride of place on my wall...
This Slaine is magnificent and I'm wondering if it is for sale and if so how much are you asking for it..
Many thanks again,

Sean Phillips said...

Sorry Bob, but it's not for sale. It's too damaged. There's a couple of horizontal creases all the way across and a few places were the paint has come off because the varnish was too tacky and stuck to another piece above it when stored. That pic has had a lot of Photoshop jiggery-pokery to get it looking like that.

Bob McGregor said...

Thanks Sean...
Thats too bad...Still an awesome piece though !!
Great work,

JessicaMartin said...

Dear Sean
Have just recently become acquainted with your work... It is just amazing! Want to buy blow up... Is it available at Gosh or do I have to order it online at Lulu. Are you going to be at the London Comic Con end of the month?
Best regards
Jessica Martin

Sean Phillips said...

Blow Up is just available from Lulu, in soft cover or hardback.
And I won't be at LSCC, wasn't invited. My first confirmed con is in Kendal on October 18th.

Wiggz said...

Really nice piece. Thanx for showing.
I don't remember ever seeing this published before.
Any chance you'll be heading to Bristol or Leeds TB this this year?

Lugh Summerson said...

It was used on the cover of The Best of 2000 AD Monthly #93 to go with a reprint of The Spoils of Annwn. Nice to see it in its full glory.