Friday, July 20, 2012

More Books

Today's arrivals are both brilliant in very different ways...


Alan said...

Saville's on show at MOMA here in Oxford, and had a painting at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle last I was up. Brilliant

Anonymous said...

Jenny Saville is awesome, as well as Marlene Dumas. Do you like Cecily Brown? The woman loves sex.

(Great comic work! Wish I could draw like you, man! (I'm too lazy in craft and much more interested in other musings, esoteric in nature.))

Unknown said...


Apologies if I double post the first seems to have dropped into the ether.

I wanted to ask if you (or anyone else reading this) know how much overlap there is between this new Saville book and the 2005 Rizolli book. I just wanted to know how much I'll be getting for the money I scrape together for this.

Have good fun with Tale of Sand. I thought it was a well designed/drawn quirky tale.