Monday, March 07, 2011

Batman: Gotham Noir

Added a few copies of the first book I did with Ed Brubaker to my amazon store


Tin Salamunic said...

Absolutely fantastic work. Just spend an hour looking at your blog and your site. Marvelous! :)

Roy_v_Beck said...

Think you should get more pages for that comic. I have such strange feeling that the story ended too fast. Anyway "Gotham Noir" is one of the best Elseworlds I've ever read.

Holden said...

Hi! I live in the US and just purchased this through your amazon store. Don't suppose you could include a sketch in there, could you? My boyfriend and I hare HUGE fans of everything you and Brubaker do, it would mean the world to us!


Longmont, CO

Sean Phillips said...

Holden, every book bought through my amazon store comes with a sketch. I'll mail it out tomorrow.

Dexter said...

Just saw this today and this has made my day! I've been looking for a copy of this for ages. Cheers for making this available again and looking forward to the sketch.