Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Been picking up a few copies of Look-In recently, mostly for the comic strips by such great artists as John M Burns, Martin Asbury and Mike Noble. But most of the weekly issues from the 1970's also had fabulous covers by Arnaldo Putzu...


pompster said...

I haven't seen a Look In in years. Man that takes me back, and shows my age. La La La La Looook In!

Anonymous said...

When I was in primary school I discovered that my local library had a comic swap box - you could take in an old comic you didn't want, and exchange it for one you did want from the box.

The cogs turned in my brain, and I regularly deposited dozens of old Look-Ins in there so I could withdraw copies of 2000AD, Roy Of The Rovers, Topper etc - proper comics instead of 'the junior TV Times, with their back page pin-ups of Modern Romance and strips about telly shows I didn't watch.

It was only later on I came to realise that I had disposed of so much excellent Asbury, Ransom, Burns, Cooper etc artwork!