Monday, February 01, 2010


I've put a few copies up for sale on amazon. Each includes an original character sketch of your choice...


International shipping available.


titedidoune said...

Hello Mr Phillips!
Thank you so much for your work and thank you to for letting me make a wonderful present to my Dad who is a big (verrry big) fan of your work!
I don't know where to write for the original character... If you could tell me, i'll be very thankful!
What other things can I say, now that I finally dare to write on your blog... Your work is amazing. Really. I know that a lot of people did already say that, and will say it again to you, but it really comes from the heart. I wish I could speak better in english (I'm french, so my vocabulary isn't very diverse).
I will just finish by saying htank you for your work (again), and let me know how to proceed for the original sketch.

(Oh my God, I've done my first fan-mail in my life!)

Zaius said...

I've just purchased a copy through Amazon as well - I'm a big fan of the Criminal books and I'm looking forward to reading Incognito.

Likewise, how would I go about claiming a sketch?


Sean Phillips said...

If you make an order, amazon sends me an email. I can then send you a message via amazon asking you what sketch you'd like.

Conor said...

Excellent stuff. Have placed an order here too, looking forward to this one.

Qwant said...
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Qwant said...

Hello Mr Phillips,

I'm sorry to bother you but don't you planning on selling your books not only via amazon? Ebay, for example? Unfortunately Amazon cannot proceed orders to Russia.

Thank you in advance.