Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thought Bubble

I'll be at the Leeds Comic Festival on Saturday.

Thought Bubble

I'll be bringing along a limited quantity of the Criminal Deluxe Edition, and copies of next week's Criminal: The Sinners #2.
Also might bring along some art from Criminal and Incognito as well.


azhar said...

hi Sean,

may i know your comic page (black 7 white) scanning technique? rid the blue lines at the same time have quality ink work scanned.

i did scan as black & white with 600dpi.. but some dry brush effect kinda loose.

please guide me sir.

azhar said...

sory..typo..* lost not loose..

me bad.

Kable! said...

fantastic, im very much looking forward to the event!

Kevin said...

Is issue 2 out yet? I haven't see it in any stores.

Sean Phillips said...

I scan in greyscale at 600dpi and drop out the pencils with levels.

azhar said...


thank you so very much for sharing the info sir.

hope i'll be a good apprentice sir.