Thursday, May 07, 2009

INCOGNITO finished inks


Felipe Cunha said...

you have a very specific look on your dry brush, wich is normally related to the kind of paper you use, I noticed similar ones on vellum paper, is that the one you use? I´m just curious because you (apparently) print text and word ballons to draw after with them already placed, I don´t know if it is possible to print this on this kind of paper....well, just curious.

Guglie said...

Another fantastic (and precious for me) lesson of black and white balancing...THANKS

Franck B said...

Really well done, Sean.
I'm impress

azhar said...

a lot i can learn on your composition...shadow/contrast play

thanks mr Sean

Tony said...

Genius stuff.

John Bivens said...
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John Bivens said...

Hey Sean-
Just wanted to satisfy a bit of my own curiosity on how your putting Incognito together. Are you illustrating all your panels butted together on pages like this, then cutting and pasting them into the border-less layouts that I've seen in the first three issues (it would sort of answer the "I wonder why Sean isn't drawing borders around panels" I've been thinking)?
John Bivens

Barış said...

i'm a fan of you from Turkey.your works are really marvelous.