Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Another blast from my past...
The first few pages from Straitgate written by John Smith. It appeared in Crisis in 1990.


Peter Gasston said...

Wow, I remember Crisis; and Revolver. Shame we no longer have a British comics industry beyond 2000AD. :(

Guglie said...

Very Cool!! I can see a Fegredo vibe (I'm talking about his Enigma period) in the second page (panel 3 and 4) for the way you drew the guy, notthe colours just the expression and posiion you drew him.

Mike Perkins said...

Maaaan, I'd love to see Rebellion or Titan putting out collections of the Crisis stuff. The only collections I've come across - and bought - are the McCrea/Ennis "Troubles" stories and the massively wonderful, sometimes confusing but always intriguing The New Statesman.

Please, Sir, can I have some more?


BristleKRS said...

This makes me want to dig out and reread my Crisis collection. There were so many great stories in there, and even more wonderful art.

I know it had its critics, but it was Crisis that really opened me up to a world of comics wider than IPC and DC Thomson.

TWW, New Statesmen, Troubled Souls/FAFTM, True Faith, Bible John, Insiders, and of course Straitgate.

I was a little less enamoured of the Igor Goldkind-led(?) drive to become a British Heavy Metal, but still, there were interesting (and beautifully rendered) strips in there too.

How would you characterise those days, Sean, and what did you think of Crisis at the time, and subsequently?

Paul Neal said...

Got to agree. Crisis had some wonderful stuff in it, but Straitgate was my favourite. It really does deserve to be collected.I'd definitely buy it.