Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tarn Hows

Didn't do any work yesterday. We went to visit some friends who are holidaying here in the Lake District. It stopped raining long enough to walk around Tarn Hows...


Kable! said...

Hey Sean I hope you get this message! Only just been introduced to you and your partner in crimes work (ed B) through reading Criminal vol.2.1 thanks to a good write up and an interesting painting of a boxer. After reading issue 2 I set myself a personal mission of obtaining the entire collection of vol 1. A quick trip to leeds comic and card mart and I now own the collection cost a swift £20! money well spent
The book is amazing, you cannot tell the stories any better with your art simply fantastic. Every issue, up to press has been an amazing read. Im just coming down from the heights of vol 1 issue 6s car chase -top takes a lot to give readers an adrenalin rush from the comic medium!
Thanks for making Criminal I hope you guys are on it for the lng haul because im hooked! I'll look forward to a film adaptaion of any one of the story arcs.its gotta happen.

P.S. Just returned from the lake district myself - Hawkshead, near windemere, beautiful even with the rain!!
All the best and i hope to get my hands on some of your art soon

Keith Bell

Sean Phillips said...

Thanks for the kind words regarding Criminal, much appreciated.
I used to go to the Leeds marts quite often. I lived pretty near to Leeds until a few years ago.

Tarn Hows is about two miles north of Hawkshead. Beautiful place. I'll be going back soon to do some painting...