Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Forgot to post yesterday...


jamie said...

hi sean,
my wife wants to buy me a nintendo ds like you've got with the 'colors' thing for doing painting on it... but we can't find out anything about this 'colors' thing. is it an add on,or a game,like in the traditional sense.../

Sean Phillips said...

Here's the software...


You need a DS sized cartridge with an SD card installed. My son sorted mine out for me so I've no idea where to get one from. Probably just Google Nintendo DS and SD card...

Matthew said...

hi Sean
I just love the inks here. I just had to comment that the play of the blacks vs. the outline of the masked (nylon stockings?) hoodlums is just great.
Thanks for the sneak peek.

Oh and I was wondering would you ever consider posting some of your photo reference on the blog to show more of your process from start to finish? I think that would be a nice insight to your work.
Looking forward to more Criminal.