Friday, February 22, 2008

Studio Tour

Haven't done any drawing today. Been doing interviews and taking photos and writing the commentary for www.comicbookresources. I think I'm the subject of their next studio tour next week, just in time for the last issue of Marvel Zombies and the first issue of the relaunched Criminal shipping next week.


Fabio Moon said...

I'm guessing you use the orange laptop to see your photo references while inking.

Joel said...

Oh yeah i found you! And now i don't leave you!

DougDabbs said...

Is that Holbein India Ink I see? If so, you can't get better than that!

I have seen in your thumbs you make notes on what you will need to collect for reference. For the reference you use for shadow, particularly on the faces, do you use a model or do you have something like a mannequin head?

Jhomar Soriano said...

Wahoo, Sean's studio!

I'm wondering why you have those sequentials posted on the wall?

And, I love the fact that you have your "trophies" standing beside the "fan" (of all things) without anything fancy to highlight it. It's a terrific feeling looking up to someone who's not full of himself. *salutes*