Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Old Stuff

First up, the first life drawings I ever did, back in 1982 when I was 17.
Then a sketch of Slaine from 2000AD. I was going to be following Bisley on the character but it never worked out...


poop scoop said...

You were already quite good at 17. A far cry better than most working cartoonists today. Same goes for your Slaine. Who came after Bisley?

Speaking of 2000 AD, when you were at Emerald City Comic Con a few years back, I asked you to draw zombie Captain America enjoying pie. A few months later, I discovered Devlin Waugh, and ever since then I've been kicking myself for not asking you to draw that saucy bon vivant enjoying pie. Will you ever be back?

Alan said...

Excellent sketches; prococious. I'm especially amazed if they only took 10 minutes, as the note on the pages says, I think. I've done some of similar accuracy and detail, but at least 20 mins