Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Season's Greetings


joel said...

Hi Sean,

i am doing a masters in illustration at Falmouth uni(cornwall). i am intending to do a praphic novel and am currently in the research phase. I brought tales of the vampires just because i was so inspired by your 'Dames' work. You seem to be using a variety of media, such as charcoal, water colour? I think it works really well and has a great 1940 retro feel to it. Do you do alot of research and use photo reference for this kind of project?

For the course i am encouraged to push the limits of the area of study. I wonder what you think about the cross-over between fine art and graphic literature and how far this midium can be experimented with.

Its great to see your painting work on your site, and the superhero stuff too. I have drawn marvel characters since i was a kid.

(excuse the essay. Its a unique opportunity to be able to put some of these questions directly to an artist i'm studying)

Great stuff

Mads said...

Hi Sean
Just wanted to check if you have received the mail I sent you the other day about you and Duncan Fegredos participation in the Danish festival Komiks.dk 2008.

Best regards
Mads Bluhm
Chairman of Komiks.dk