Thursday, July 12, 2007

Postmen are great!

Today mine delivered 100 copies of the hardcover of Intersections. It's great to see the actual book in the flesh after working on it for 2 years. It's well worth the wait, I'm very pleased with how it's turned out. Duncan has done some great work in there. It should be in the shops now.

Also today I received a copy of Fantasy Art magazine from China. I did an interview for them a few months ago. I get 8 pages in there, with great printing of some of my comics covers.


snapper said...

All i get off my postman usually is other people's stuff. My comic shop didn't have the book in!! I was very much looking forward to getting a look at it. Hope I won't have to persuade him to order me one!

U2J said...

I picked up the Intersections TPB at Gosh! on Thursday. Congratulations, it's a great book, there are some really amazing pieces of art in there! Any plans for an Intersections 2?!