Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Drew a nice panel today...


Bubba said...

Very nice. I take it Friday's and today's panels are from issue #5, which is out March 7th?

With the cover from #6 already finished, it makes me wonder about the process you and Ed take to create everything: he writes the story for a given issue, y'all hash out the character designs, then you do the cover, and only then do you do the interior art?

(Speaking of interior art, I'm in the process of purchasing my favorite single page from Mark at Splash Page Art. My wife and I are buying our first house, and that page is going to have a very prominent place in my "office" upstairs. I can't tell you how cool it is to be able to purchase the original artwork.)

(And, yeah, I'm buying my own birthday present, but my wife -- the artist in the family -- is taking care of the framing.)

Bubba said...

And I'm really looking forward to the last issue for "Coward," albeit with a certain amount of dread: knowing what y'all are capable of (e.g., Sleeper), I'm guessing that things can't end well for Leo, though I do hope that light is shed on the secret he's been hiding from Greta.

(And am I wrong to hope that the secret impacts the story's conclusion?)

I missed something the first time through issue #4. The question I had after reading it will have all sorts of consequences for the finale, and after rereading it, I see that it was answered, in a single shot, with no obvious dialogue pointing to it. Nice.

(Another random question about the trade. I noticed maybe two really tiny things that might qualify as errors. On the first page of issue #1, middle panel, the coloring makes it look like the robber's "cat" mask has an open mouth when it clearly doesn't on the next page. And, in issue #4, at the top of the page opposite Frank Kafka, Greta's dialogue over the phone is "I thinking about making a worse mistake," when I'm guessing it ought to be "I'm" or "I am". Will y'all have the opportunity to review/revise things like that for the trade?)

(And, yeah, these are minor things: in one issue of Gotham Central, the coloring made Allen's young, African American sons look like old white men.)

Sean Phillips said...

Because covers are needed for the solicits months in advance, those are done first after Ed tells me what the issue will be about. Then he writes the script and I draw it. I don't usually do any character designs, I prefer to just draw them on the story page as I go along