Friday, December 22, 2006

Criminal for Free

The whole first issue of Criminal is available to read online at


Bubba said...

Fer what it's worth, it looks like the digital copy is off-by-one in terms of page layout: page 1 is on the right instead of on the left in the two-page view.

And I see that my theory about Criminal's page layout is down the tubes. For #1 and #2, the story begins on a left-hand page and ends on a right-hand page -- which means that a trade collection could go from issue to issue and maintain the original page layout without having either cover artwork or blank pages as fill-ins.

Criminal #3, however, ends on the left.

Was I overthinking things, Sean?

Sean Phillips said...

The trade is going to be more like a European album and just run the story in a big chunk. They'll be no chapter breaks, so no covers or any of the back up stuff from the monthlies.