Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We interrupt the scheduled program...

There was an article featuring me in the local paper today. This boy, James was on TV a few months ago on Junior Mastermind with his specialist subject of Marvel Comics. After reading about this in the paper I invited him around to see me and get some free comics. The paper did this little article about us... I don't know who the fat half asleep bloke in the photo is though.


Mark said...

I saw him on the show at the time. First time anyone had done a specialist subject on Mastermind I knew anything about. Well, other than the guy who did The Clash once.

Good for him. Who says comic fans are all old gits in their thirties and forties these days?

david said...

you're just a sweet guy aren't you?
you must have made that boy's day!!
imagine if Buscema or Adams had done that for us!!??