Monday, May 29, 2006

More JLA Classified

Been inking some more of the supremely talented Rick Leonardi's pencils for JLA Classified this weekend. Here's his pencils and my inks for comparison..


Anonymous said...

It´s so good to see a penciller/inker partnership where it shows the strenghts of both artists. Rick Leonardi's bold and loose pencils are genuinely complemented by your rough, crisp lines. One of your work's element I have always liked so much is when you make several thin lines crossing over themselves and then fill some of the spaces between them. Alright, enough ego massage, now go back to work! :)

Giancarlo Lima (Sean Phillips fan from Brazil)

Veltti said...

You've really captured the "Leonardi line" there! Making it look much more Leanardi -style than what the pencils give out, but I suppose as a pro inker you find the essentia of the sketch.

Very interesting to see pencils/ inks side by side. And an interesting (and a peculiar) process the inking, especially when it's done by a artist with such a strong handwriting, as you have.

Jesse Delperdang said...

First of all, I'm very jealous of your chance to ink Rick on JLA. He remains one of my top all time pencillers to work with. I just wanted to comment you're doing a fantastic job and inking Rick just how he should be inked. Thanks.